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Laser tattoo removal by Yorkshire Laser Tattoo Removal serving Keighley, Halifax, Skipton, Bradford and Shipley.

Safe and effective laser tattoo removals using the latest laser technology, in Keighley, Skipton and Halifax.

If you are looking to get rid of tattoos quickly and efficiently, get in touch with our friendly and professional staff today. We remove all tattoos including semi permanent eyebrows and lip liner.  Our tattoo removal centre offers effective tattoo removal services while avoiding major problems associated with some techniques.


We ensure that our treatments are carried out by qualified specialists and adhere to all safety standards and procedures. The process is repeated several times across 6 to 8 weekly intervals or longer depending on the results. As tattoos vary in size, colour and type, the treatments may vary.

Tattoo removal services throughout Keighley, Bradford & Halifax

Get in touch with the experts at Yorkshire Laser & Aesthetics for high quality laser tattoo removal services all across Keighley, Halifax and surrounding areas.


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•  Scar-free treatments

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The tattoo removal process

Consultation and assessment:

The first step is to assess and photograph your tattoo to give you an idea of how much time is needed and how many treatments are required. We always keep you informed as the time estimates may vary constantly.


A Patch Test is done to establish what energy level best suits your skin type to maximise the  results.


To prepare for the procedure and get the desired results, you will be required to take the following steps:


•  Keep your skin as pale as possible: Avoid the sun and stay off sunbeds for as long as possible prior to the treatment. This is to avoid damaging your natural pigments and could cause permanent damage.


•  Eating before the treatment: It is highly recommended to eat a properly balanced meal before the treatment so that your blood sugar levels do not drop.


The Treatment:

The actual process is relatively simple and requires you to wear safety goggles throughout as the laser can severely damage your eyes. The laser is held above the skin and its pulses are controlled by the operator.  If you wish, you may bring an iPod with you, but it must remain in your pocket throughout and care must be taken that earphones must be made of non-reflective materials.


How the procedure works:

The tattoo removal is done with a Q-switched ND/YAG Laser using a process called the "photoacoustic effect". Here the laser energy is absorbed by the tattoo pigment and as a result, an extremely high temperature of thousands of degrees is generated. Since this temperature is not sustainable, it collapses and produces an acoustic wave which forms around the pigments. The result of this wave shatters the particles of ink into smaller fragments which is removed by the body's own defence mechanisms, leaving behind the larger tattoo pigmentation. The remaining ink particles are removed by the same "shattering" effect until they all disappear.


Home-made or amateur tattoos generally require 4-6 repeat sessions while professional tattoos may require 12 or more sessions depending on the amount of ink in the tattoo.


Black ink fades the fastest, although sometimes black ink will be mixed with green and purple to darken.  In this case these colours will take longer to fade.  Teal Green is the hardest colour to fade.


Tattoos lay in your dermis, which is under your epidermis, and the laser is able to break through and fragment (break up) the colour to have it pass through your hypodermis and your body will see it as an unusual object.  White cells attack it and eliminate it naturally.  The degree of fading and the amount of treatments needed are dependent on your body chemistry.


The biggest benefit of using the Q-switched laser is that scarring can be completely avoided and there is no lasting tissue destruction. These tattoos can disappear over time and our Tattoo Removal Laser ensures excellent results.



Consultation & Patch Test are FREE

Costs depend on the size of tattoo and start from £40 per session

Discounts are available if courses of 4, 6 or 8 treatments are booked


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