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Lipo Weight Reduction & Fat Cavitation can help you achieve

the body you have always wanted - Keighley, Halifax, Bradford and Skipton.

Ultrasonic Weight Loss & Radiofrequency 40k

Cavitation breaks down fat which is then removed through the bodies lymphatic system

This Slimming and skin rejuvenation process uses Ultrasonic Cavitation, Tripolar Radiofrequency and Lipo Vacuum.


The 40k Cavitation System can used on areas such as the legs,abdomen and buttocks. It collapses the fat, promoting the lymphatic system, which then removes the toxins out of the body.


Once the fat is broken down, Radiofrequency and infared melts the fat further, which allows the fat in the cells to disperse.

Find out more about Ultrasonic Weight Loss, call us. We cover Keighley, Bradford, Halifax and beyond.

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This system can also be used on the face to target fine lines and

wrinkles. The treatment is non-abrasive and rejuvenates the skin for a

younger and healthier appearance.

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