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What is permanent make up?

Permanent Make Up,  Semi Permanent Make Up and Micropigmentation are all different names for the same thing. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing where hypo allergenic pigments are gently layered into the upper layers of the skin to create beautiful, naturally looking eyeliners, lip liners and brows.


Does it hurt?

I use strong anaesthetic gels and creams during the treatments which make the whole procedure very comfortable. Once the anaesthetic has kicked in most people describe the sensation similar to  having an electric toothbrush held against their skin. Some clients even nod off!


How long does it last?

How long it lasts varies depending on a number of factors. Age, skin type and lifestyle have a lot of influence, the younger you are, the quicker the colour fades as your skin rejuvenates itself so much more quickly. Brows will last about a year in someone in their 20’s whereas if you are 40+ you can expect to get a year to eighteen months.  Lips and eyeliners generally last about 2-3 years.


What is the downtime?

Brows have very little downtime. The colour will be a bit dark for about a week after your treatment and there will be some flaking with the possibility of some superficial, light crusts which are usually gone within the week.


I’ve heard you need a second procedure, is this true?

Yes. You will have your initial treatment then you go away and allow the area to heal for four weeks before returning for your top-up procedure.

A top up allows me to check the colour and shape and make sure the pigment has been implanted evenly. I always say it’s like painting a wall, you need two coats!

Semi permanent cosmetics throughout West Yorkshire

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Enhance your appearance with Semi Permanent Make Up in Keighley, near Shipley, by Michaela Hammond - Training Courses Available

Michaela Hammond has over 30 years experience in the beauty industry and specialises in semi permanent cosmetic tattooing and training courses in eyebrow tattoo, lip line and eye line.


Her background speciality was always make up and she graduated from the Jemma Kidd School of Make Up in Notting Hill, London in 2005.


Training as a permanent make up artist was a natural progression for her so in 2011 she studied Micropigmentation at the renowned training centre Nouveau Beauty under the watchful eye of Karen Betts.


Michaela's background in make up really gave her the edge over other permanent make up technicians in that she can tailor make eyeliners and brows to suit each individual clients needs. No one client's face is the same so neither should their brows be.


She has since taken her training to the next level and now teaches micropigmentation to others and is now a qualified trainer and assessor for the examining body VTCT.


Working with cancer patients and alopecia clients, she has become well known for her natural looking 3D hairstroke Ombré brows.


Michaela uses advanced needle techniques and colour shading to create the most beautiful and natural looking results that last up to four years

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